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Kincardine’s Trusted Lawyers for Power of Attorney Services

Sometimes, it might be possible that you might not be able to handle your finances or make decisions regarding your health care choices due to various reasons. This might require you to handover your important financial and legal decision-making capabilities to a trusted person who can take responsibilities on your behalf. Such a situation demands for the power of attorney. You can also go for the power of attorney services for the care of your children, your personal welfare, and proper management of your property. If you want power of attorney services in Kincardine and legally want to create an agent who you think can handle your responsibilities, trust Laschuk & Farr. We can help you handle complex and important details pertaining to:

Guardianship for you and your children

POA for property management

Duties of the chosen attorney

POA for health care

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Draft your Power of Attorney

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